VBOUT Product Roadmap

As we grow as a team and a startup we decided to publicly share our product roadmap. Our commitment to building a superior marketing technology platform is stronger than ever and we are excited to share what we are brewing in 2018.  

And let's face it, even Microsoft and Apple face delays getting out new things sometimes this is why we will be as transparent as possible with any delays that might occur. We also might change our deliverable based on our user's feedback and preferences.

Q1 2018:

  • Instagram scheduling reminders
  • Social media group posting and feed management
  • E-commerce product sync with landing pages and email templates
  • Deep E-commerce api and integrations to automation based on client buying behavior
  • Email and landing page builder enhancements
  • New VBOUT front end redesign
  • Add Web push notification in journey
  • Add filters and tagging to journeys
  • Web tracking code optimization
  • Introduce smart sending for emails
  • Timezone sending
  • Hubspot CRM native integration
  • Zoho CRM native integration
  • 5 new email and landing page templates

Q2 2018:

  • Sponsored Facebook ad management
  • Enhancing Heatmap performance and rendering
  • GDPR compliance rollout
  • Webhooks and popup optimization
  • Pipedrive CRM native integration
  • Insightly CRM native integration
  • Wistia video tracking integration
  • PLUGIN: Deep integrations with Magento
  • PLUGIN: Deep integration with Woo-commerce
  • PLUGIN: Deep integration with Shopify
  • Firmographic details to contacts and leads
  • Grouping of filters and conditions
  • File manager optimization
  • Enhanced attribution reporting
  • 5 new email and landing page templates

Q3 2018:

  • MAJOR RELEASE: Conversational CRM
  • Add Google Analytics tracking and tagging to emails and landing pages
  • Split testing landing pages
  • Add personalized voice message automation to journeys
  • Add web and chat automation to journeys
  • Sentiment analysis within social media
  • PLUGIN: Deep integration with Big-commerce
  • Other miscellaneous integration
  • Partner's portal enhanced billing and leads
  • 5 new email and landing page templates

Q4 2018:

  • VBOUT Mobile app: Android
  • VBOUT mobile app: IOS
  • Add in-app push notifications to journeys
  • Introduce predictive and AI to the core VBOUT engine
  • Multi-step forms
  • 5 new email and landing page templates
  • Blockchain rewards program
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